Contentment Vs Contentment

There are actually a good amount of things in life that convey me contentment, my children's success, volunteering in my community, fellowship - but what truly will be the distinction between contentment and pleasure? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines contented to be a experience or showing pleasure with one's belongings, status, or condition. Joy is defined for a state of well-being and contentment. Simply because contentment is accustomed to define happiness, is happiness a secondary affliction of contentment?

As I packed my baggage and seemed at the brochure on my journey to happiness I liked what Martin Seligman, PhD, said, "The very good life contains the roots that lead to stream. It is made of initial recognizing what your signature strengths are and after that recrafting your lifetime to employ them a lot more - recrafting your get the job done, your romance, your friendships, your leisure, along with your parenting to deploy the factors you happen to be best at. Anything you get out of that's not the propensity to giggle lots."

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