Bible Research Lesson on Tithing

Not Having to pay Tithe is Robbing God

Tithing is offering a tenth of the money to God every month. Numerous Christians consider it really is unneeded to pay for tithe. They've got a lot of excuses when coming to present the 10 percents in their incomes to God. Some Christians feel they do not must fork out tithe since the church have already got plenty of money to protect the charges such as utility expenditures and workers salary. This is a improper concept simply because tithing is actually a commandment of God. Not tithing is sinning against God. It is robbing what ought to belonged to God.

Give Glory to God with all your Tithe

God may be the a person who bless you with your position and good profits. All things come from God. We must always give owing to God and give him again the glories for everything now we have (1 Thessalonians five:eighteen). What ever we do ought to give glory to God (one Corinthians ten:31).

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